Distance Learning

In the age of World Wide Web, e-learning has come a long way to shape up the Gen Y’s dream of promising and prospective career. E-learning has been recognized as a reliable platform for higher education. Among the modes of e-learning, online education is the most innovative. Online learning rides the waves of popularity with career-conscious individuals including students, fresh jobseekers, young executives and experienced professionals. With the number of online learners on the rise, the world of online study is on expansion in length and breadth.

Simply put, distance learning is the delivery of education in which the instructor and students are not in the same classroom. It builds on the idea that students are learning all the time you don't have to be sitting in a classroom listening to an instructor deliver a lecture about a particular topic to learn about that topic. As with traditional higher education, students can take distance learning courses for self-improvement, certification, or to earn a degree. While online more..

Benefits of an Online Education: An online qualification might be useful for the individual to progress his or her career, but it can have a positive result for more than the participant.